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Rest Days attached to Annual Leave

Most of you will now be aware that the Police Negotiating Board (PNB) agreed in April that rest days attached to a period of absence of 5 days or more where at least one of those days is a day of annual leave, should be treated for the purposes of remuneration as annual leave. This agreement was formalised in the PNB agreement 08/14 which you can view here -

The problem with any PNB agreement is that it remains advisory until signed by the Home Secretary and the force is not obliged to implement its recommendations until that time.

The South Wales Police management has decided that it will not implement this recommendation until the Home Secretary has signed it.

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Rest Day Payments for NATO Backfill Officers


We've been seeking a definitive position from the force in relation to those officers who were required to work their rest days in order to backfill for officers deployed on the NATO Summit.

We have now received confirmation that officers engaged on backfill duties associated with Operation Ismay should claim for each rest day worked as though they had received less than 15 days' notice, ie time and a half for the hours worked. This applies regardless of notice received.

This only applies to officers completing backfill duties in relation to Operation Ismay. Any officers who were engaged in backfill duties for any other reason should claim as per Police Regulations. PSU/BDU officers should claim as per previous instructions regarding claiming for 3 days etc.

In relation to the long hours worked by Inspectors, this matter is currently under review and subject to on-going legal advice. As soon as we have a legally-sustainable position on the matter, we'll update you further. In the meantime, there is no requirement to submit claims for potential bonus payments as no decision has been made and no payment structure put in place.

Hope that helps

Steve Trigg
South Wales Police Federation



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Remember PC Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes

PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund
Time To Remember 2014/15

Join us in our latest challenge & get fit in the process

Run, Bike, Walk or Swim (or a combination if you feel up to it) sign up for the challenge for 60, 90 or 120 days and pledge to raise just £1 per day

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SWPF Football Season Tickets

The South Wales Police Federation has taken the opportunity to obtain 2 season tickets for both Swansea City and Cardiff City.

These tickets will be offered to officers who have serious welfare issues and who would welcome such a gesture.

If no such officer exists, the tickets will be drawn at random from those who have signed up for the draw and given their availability for that particular game.

Those successful in a draw will win 2 tickets for that match but please note: IT IS A REQUIREMENT THAT THE OFFICER WHO IS SUCCESSFUL IN A DRAW MUST ATTEND THE MATCH OR DECLINE THE TICKETS. You can take someone else of your choosing with you but the tickets are not transferable.


To sign up and give availability, please visit our football page and register for your club


This provision proved extremely popular last year and many officers were able to take someone to see a top game. If you'd like to do the same, register for the draw.

Visit our football page

Motor Source Group Offers

Updated for September 2014

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Police Mutual

Guarantee yourself a better future with Police Mutual

Police Mutual already has over 84,000 savers on their way to securing a better future with a Regular Savings plan – and they don’t want you to miss out.

By putting a little away each month, you’ll guarantee yourself a cash lump sum in the future.

Police Mutual

The Regular Savings plan from Police Mutual:

  • Save directly from a Police salary/pension or by Direct Debit
  • Receive a guaranteed lump sum at the end of the plan term
  • There’s no minimum premium - you can save an amount that suits your budget
  • Some of the lowest charges in the industry - meaning more money for you
  • Start a new plan automatically every year and, once the first plan matures, you’ll receive yearly payments

Police Mutual

Police Mutual Assurance Society Limited is an incorporated friendly society authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (FCA register number 110050). Registered office: Alexandra House, Queen Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 6QS.

Police Mutual
Howells Solicitors

Matrimonial Surgeries with Howells Solicitors

New dates have now been secured for our free surgeries with Howells Solicitors. If you have any matrimonial issues that you'd like to discuss in a confidential setting, contact the office to make an appointment.

Howells Legal

Check out the new Howells brochure here or view it as a pdf here

Surgery Dates

  • 3rd October
  • 7th November
  • 5th December
  • 9th January, 2015

Click here to visit the Howells Solicitors web site

Staff Discounts UK

Staff Discounts UK

You can print off your gold membership card here

Staff Discounts UK

And you can view the SDUK poster here

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Flint House

Flint House

If you've subscribed to Flint House but never been there, take a look at these videos to see what it's all about. Flint House is a fantastic charity that provides invaluable help to officers when needed. If you do not currently subscribe but would like to support this worthy cause, just give us a ring at the office.

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Flint House

Police Mutual
Slater and Gordon Family Law

Slater & Gordon Lawyers, formerly Russell Jones & Walker, are the ONLY nationwide team of family lawyers with over 15 solid years’ experience of dealing with complex police divorce cases involving pensions.

The team cover matrimonial and family law matters across the whole of England and Wales and not only have great experience with general family law but have specialist expertise in assisting police federation members and police personnel. Each one of the team has undergone an intense training programme ensuring they are fully familiar with every aspect of police culture, pay, pensions and shift patterns essential to ensure the best result for their clients.

We offer free initial advice, fixed fees & discounted rates for all Police Federation members, police personnel and staff. Please visit our website to find details of your family law representative.

T:  0808 175 7710

Please note that Russell Jones & Walker Solicitors became Slater & Gordon Lawyers on 11th February 2013, however our commitment to the Police Federation and its members has not changed.

Matrimonial Surgeries will be held at the Federation Office if there's sufficient interest expressed on the following dates:

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