PCC election first as Emma Wools is elected

Emma Wools has been elected as the first woman Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for South Wales since the post was first established in 2012.

Emma, who has been deputy PCC since 2016, takes over from Alun Michael who decided to stand down after 12 years in the role.

She is now one of two women to hold office as PCC in Wales, with Jane Mudd winning the election in Gwent.

“We send our congratulations to the PCC on her success in last Thursday’s election,” says Phil Walker, vice-chair of South Wales Police Federation.

Officer morale

“Since Emma has worked as the PCC's deputy for the last eight years, she comes to the role with a deeper understanding of what it involves than perhaps someone who hasn’t already worked in a commissioner’s office.

“But, even with this experience, I think she is going to find the role challenging given the current crisis within the police service.


New South Wales PCC, Emma Wools.

“Officer morale is low. They do not feel valued by the Government and morale is low. Officers do not feel they are paid fairly for the role they carry out, nor the dangers they face and they have no faith in the supposedly independent mechanism for determining their pay award.

“Some of the issues they are facing are not in the PCC’s hands and therefore she will not be able to deliver the change required herself. However, I hope she listens to what officers have to say and acts where she can. I also hope she uses her position to influence other stakeholders, including the Government.


“We look forward to meeting the PCC soon so the Federation can put forward members’ views and help bring about improvements.”

In her pre-election statement, Emma, who was the Labour and Co-operative candidate, said she would focus on community policing, preventing crime, protecting the vulnerable, supporting victims and communities, delivering justice to those who commit crime and reducing re-offending, and making policing fit for the future.

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