Look after yourself in the sun, says Fed chair

The hottest weather of the year has prompted South Wales Police Federation chair Phil Walker to encourage members to look after themselves in the sun.
Phil says it’s important that officers stay hydrated and take steps to protect themselves as temperatures head towards the high 20s.
He said: “Police officers, particularly those on response, have a lot of heavy kit to wear and dark uniforms which can create issues in the heat such as dehydration and heat stress.
“Our advice to officers is that if you are out and about, to make sure you take plenty of water with you.
“Wear sunscreen, wear a cap, and take your breaks when possible. And make sure that when you’re back at the station you remove your body armour to cool down.


“We’d also encourage the Force to do what it can to ensure officers and staff are comfortable, such as providing cool drinking water, means of cooling the air, and shade at scenes.”
Steve’s comments come as temperatures in the Force area are expected to reach 28C today.
The UK Health Security Agency and the Met Office have issued a yellow heat health alert for most of England.
The alert indicates that the heat could pose a risk to health, particularly those who are vulnerable.


Phil added that it was important for members to take breaks where possible, as he asked the public to be supportive of on-duty officers if they see them grabbing some refreshments.
“Given the role we perform, it’s not always easy to take a break but if possible do so to stay cool,” he said.
“And if people see an officer taking a break, go and say ‘hi’.
“It may be their first one they’ve taken since they started their shift and the nature of the job means they won’t know what the next job is and when they next take in some refreshments.”