“Talk about your money worries”

22 March 2021

The impact of the pandemic has made it more important than ever to talk about money issues, says South Wales Police Federation chair Steve Treharne.

Steve was speaking at the start of Debt Awareness Week, which aims to open up the conversation around debt and encourage people who need help or advice to seek it out.

Steve said: “The coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact on many areas of our lives, not least on jobs and personal finance.

“It might be that a partner or loved one has lost their job, putting pressure on your finances.

“If you’re concerned about debt, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. It’s important to talk about your situation before it gets worse.

“It might seem like the last thing in the world you want to do, but opening up and talking to someone about your debts can feel like a weight off your shoulders.

“Debt Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity to talk about money issues,” he added.

Police Mutual, which provides financial services and welfare support to the police service, has produced a free guide for members for Debt Awareness Week which runs from 23 to 28 March.

It offers free tips to improve your financial wellbeing and information on where you can get support to help you tackle debt.

Read the guide.