Flint House

If you've subscribed to Flint House but never been there, take a look at these videos to see what it's all about. Flint House is a fantastic charity that provides invaluable help to officers when needed. If you do not currently subscribe but would like to support this worthy cause, just give us a ring at the office.

Please do view this video and ask why an officer would not wish to contribute a £1.38 per week donation so they could come her at no charge if injured or sick, serving or retired?

Try to ensure you have sound on and go full screen ,it makes the video even better.

Should you wish to use the video to promote the Centre it is permissible to do so.


Changes to Flint House Attendance

Please be aware that with immediate effect all serving officers will be required to show their warrant card on arrival. This is to enhance our security procedures & to also ensure the eligibility of those patients arriving.All serving officers will now be require to sign their application form with the amended details

I confirm that I am a serving police officer and that I understand this status must remain so for the duration of my treatment period. It is, therefore, vital that all officers obtain their Application forms from The Flint House Web site

We have amended our Eligibility Criteria to reflect this as below

Serving Officer Status

All officers applying for a period of treatment at the Police Rehabilitation Centre must still hold the status of a “serving officer” for the duration of their stay in order to receive treatment free of charge. Those officers who will have retired by the time that treatment is due to commence must have completed the Retired Officer Application form, stay for 5 days treatment and pay the relevant charge.

We have also added to the Eligibility Criteria

Suspended Officers

If these officers are unable to produce a warrant card for identification on arrival then they must be made aware that The Police Rehabilitation Centre reserves the right to contact their force to ensure that they still hold the status of a “serving officer” and have not resigned or been dismissed since applying for treatment.

So in future you may be contacted to confirm an officer’s status. In order to save embarrassment on arrival we would be grateful if you could advise all officers of the changes to our Eligibility Criteria & the fact that they will need to show their warrant on arrival.

All of the above can be found on our website.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.