Branch Board


Steve Treharne

Branch Chairstreharne@swpf.polfed.org01656 869900Branch Board

Michael George

Branch SecretaryMgeorge@swpf.polfed.org01656 869900Branch Board

Phil Walker

Treasurer / Vice ChairPWalker@swpf.polfed.org01656 869900Branch Board

Kay Bennett

Office Managerkbennett@swpf.polfed.org01656 869900Branch Board

Danny Ahearn

Case Advisordahearn@swpf.polfed.org01656 869900Branch Board

Cardiff and the Vale BCU


Dave Rich

Full Time - Federation RepresentativeDave.Rich@polfed.orgCardiff and the Vale BCU

Clare Biddlecombe

Work Place Representativecbiddlecombe@swpf.polfed.orgCardiff and the Vale BCU

Rhian Carter

Work Place RepresentativeRhian.Carter@polfed.orgCardiff and the Vale BCU

James Morris

Work Place RepresentativeJMorris@swpf.polfed.orgCardiff and the Vale BCU

Joesph Smith

Work Place RepresentativeJSmith@swpf.polfed.orgCardiff and the Vale BCU

Anna Nixon

Work Place RepresentativeAnna.Nixon@polfed.orgCardiff and the Vale BCU

Ariana Perry

Work Place RepresentativeAPerry@swpf.polfed.orgCardiff and the Vale BCU

Mid Glamorgan BCU


Phil Walker

Treasurer / Vice ChairPWalker@swpf.polfed.orgMid Glamorgan BCU

Julie Reilly

Full Time - Federation RepresentativeJulie.Reilly@polfed.orgMid Glamorgan BCU

Julian Stevens

Work Place RepresentativeJulian.Stevens@polfed.orgMid Glamorgan BCU

Geraint Bruford

Work Place RepresentativeGeraint.Bruford@polfed.orgMid Glamorgan BCU

Rhodri Wilson

Work Place RepresentativeRWilson@swpf.polfed.orgMid Glamorgan BCU

Michael Ford

Work Place RepresentativeMichael.Ford@polfed.orgMid Glamorgan BCU

Huw Toghill

Work Place RepresentativeHToghill@swpf.polfed.orgMid Glamorgan BCU

Paige Horsnell

Work Place RepresentativePaige.Horsnell@polfed.orgMid Glamorgan BCU

Rob Blunt

Work Place RepresentativeRBlunt@swpf.polfed.orgMid Glamorgan BCU

Western BCU


Jonathan Rice

Full Time - Federation RepresentativeJRice@swpf.polfed.orgWestern BCU

Matthew Jones

Work Place RepresentativeMatthew.Jones@polfed.orgWestern BCU

Angie Mitchell

Work Place RepresentativeAngieMitchell@polfed.orgWestern BCU

Isabelle Coulson

Work Place RepresentativeIsabelle.Coulson@polfed.orgWestern BCU

David Harrall

Work Place RepresentativeDharrall@swpf.polfed.orgWestern BCU