Election Café: find out more about being a Fed rep

The vital work carried out by Police Federation workplace representatives will be highlighted at an online event next week ahead of the triennial elections which start from July.

Members are being urged to register to attend the third and final Election Café to learn more about the role and will also be able to claim a free gift.

The event is part of the ongoing Police Federation of England and Wales Reps@Work campaign designed to showcase the incredible work reps do.

South Wales Police Federation branch chair Steve Treharne said: “With the Police Federation elections process starting next month,  this event gives members a chance to have an informal chat with those in the know about the life of a Fed rep.

“We would encourage as many members as possible to sign up for this event but particularly those who have considered putting themselves forward as a Fed rep but then something has held them back.

“It is open to all members but we are really keen for officers from under-represented groups to register, attend and find out more so that the Federation can be more representative of the membership.

“Hopefully it will lead to more members putting themselves forward for election. I can honestly say that being a Fed rep is one of the most challenging, but also the most rewarding, roles I have ever carried out.”

The Election Café will be open from 6pm until 7.30pm on Tuesday 1 June.

To register, please email pfevents@polfed.org.