Get to know your Fed reps: Lee Wells

PC Lee Wells says he’s passionate about the health and safety of his colleagues after becoming a South Wales Police Federation workplace representative.

Lee became a rep last year and brings 15 years’ experience as a Special and a PC to the role.

“For a while colleagues have been encouraging me to put my name forward,” he said.

“I am a believer in providing solutions to problems. I am also very vocal and will seek to balance any injustices to support my colleagues.”

He added: “I bring a wealth of frontline policing experience as a response officer from a PC perspective. I am there to support the everyday copper, no matter how small the issue is.”

And Lee is clear about how he wants to support fellow officers.

“The health and safety of my colleagues is something I am passionate about,” he said. “I hope to work with South Wales Police in developing and amending internal policies to assist and support my colleagues.”

Lee is also clear that the Police Federation faces a challenge in terms of “the support from our members due to the ongoing pension situation”.

He added: “The challenges ahead for the police service generally are public confidence with the current media attention we are receiving coupled with dangerous resource levels.”

Lee joined South Wales Police in 2007 as a Special before becoming a PC in 2009.

“I was attracted to policing by the unusual aspect of not knowing what your shift will be like,” he said, “Being outside and having the flexibility to do what you want without the limitations of a desk also appealed.”

He added: “My advice for new officers joining the Force is you’ll need resilience, and lots of it.

“You are about to reach the top of a rollercoaster. Hold on and enjoy the ride.”