Preparing for maternity leave? Read the Federation guide

Officers planning to take maternity leave can work out their maternity pay with the help of the Police Federation’s new pay calculator.

The calculator is part of a new Maternity Guide the Federation has created to ensure members get accurate information about their pay and entitlements.

The guide highlights what to expect during pregnancy, while on maternity leave and when returning to work.

Steve Treharne, chair of South Wales Police Federation, said: “The Federation has produced this guide to ensure members feel supported at a time when they’ll want to put all of their focus into their new baby.

“It’s important they can enjoy being a new parent without having to worry about their pay and entitlements."

The Police Federation has produced a maternity guide and calculator

He continued: “The new guide provides members with information on what to expect during their maternity leave and when they return to work - and the new calculator will enable them to accurately work out their pay.

“For instance, if an officer takes maternity leave early, it can become complicated in working out what their pay is and sometimes forces can get it wrong.

“The new calculator will help those officers find out exactly what they’re entitled to by entering key pieces of information on dates.

“There’s also an option to put in different dates for different scenarios, such as longer leave for a premature birth or pregnancy-related illness.

“We hope members find it useful and supportive. And the Federation is also here to help.”

Read the Maternity Guide and use the maternity calculator.