Booklet raises awareness of self-harm

A new wellbeing guide has been published to help raise awareness of self-harm and self-injury.

Produced by Police Mutual, which provides financial services and welfare support to the police service, the online resource provides information on why people may self-harm and the things to look for.

The booklet offers advice for someone is self-harming and wants to stop about how to get support. It also provides information on how to support a family member, friend or colleague who might be struggling.

There are coping strategies and distraction tips as well, including keeping a diary, taking regular exercise and having a pet.

The booklet, which has been produced for Self-Harm and Self-Injury Awareness Day, which took place on 1 March, is available to download all year round and also includes signposts for support.

The booklets are avalailable to download now

Steve Treharne, South Wales Police Federation chair, said: “Anyone may self-harm regardless of their background, age, gender or race.

“If you, or someone you know and love is self-harming, it’s important to understand the reasons why that might be and the steps you can take to support them.

“This guide is full of information, tips and strategies to provide that support and to get professional help if needed.”

Read the guide.

Police Mutual has also produced a wellbeing guide for National No Smoking Day on 8 March to support and encourage people to quit smoking.

The guide includes tips on stopping smoking, outlines the health benefits of giving up and the financial benefits as well.Steve said: “No Smoking Day takes place next week – but you can give up any day of the year.

“It’s never too late to quit and feel the benefits, both physically and financially.”

Read the no smoking wellbeing guide now.