PFEW Annual Conference continues after ‘an incredible day of debate’

Police Federation national chair Steve Hartshorn says the first day of Conference delivered an “incredible day of debate and questions”.

He was speaking to host Ian Collins at the close of an eventful first day (Tuesday 10 October) of the annual event, which is being held online for members to attend virtually.

Following yesterday’s packed agenda Steve said: “It's been a really good day. My thanks to everybody who asked questions and got involved. I think we've demonstrated the real value of the Federation.”

Day two of the Conference (Wednesday 11 October) will see Steve deliver his keynote speech, followed by an address to members by Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

Also on today’s agenda is an update from the PFEW CEO Mukund Krishna, as well as the Treasurer’s Report from national treasurer Simon Kempton.

Two main panel discussions will take place today, the first centred around industrial rights and the second titled ‘Workforce under pressure’.

For the first time ever, an interactive question and answer session will conclude the event, with PFEW chair Steve, PFEW deputy chair Tiff Lynch, PFEW secretary Calum Macleod, PFEW deputy secretary Gemma Fox and PFEW CEO Mukund taking questions from viewing members.

Members can easily post questions during each session using the question box below the live stream of the event. Register for the event and be part of the conversation.

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