Fed chair urges members to make their voices heard loud and clear

South Wales Police branch chair Steve Treharne wants members to ensure their voices are heard “loud and clear” following the launch of the Federation’s annual pay and morale survey.

Steve encouraged members to take part in the survey, saying it was more important than ever.

He said: “Our members have seen their wages fall in real terms over the past decade and now they’re being hit by the cost of living crisis, and rising bills and prices.

“The survey will help us gather evidence to support our work on behalf of members.

“The results will be shared with senior leaders and politicians, and will help to shape the Federation’s work on behalf of members.

Make voices heard

“It’s more important than ever for our members to make their voices heard loud and clear. Your opinion matters.”

The survey is open until Monday 11 December.

Last year’s survey found that 81 per cent of South Wales Police respondents were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their pay, while 17 per cent reported never or almost never having enough money to cover all their essentials.

Some 53 per cent of respondents said their morale was low or very low, with 85 per cent saying that morale within the force was low or very low.

And 14 per cent said they intended to resign from the service in the next two years, with how the police are treated by the Government, the impact of the job on their mental health and wellbeing, and morale the main reasons.

Members will be sent full details of how to take part in the survey.

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