Tips for looking after your health

Police Mutual has produced a video to encourage members to adopt a healthier lifestyle to lower their risk of contracting Covid-19.

The video, hosted by Carl Laidler from Health Shield, explains how small changes can make a big difference to staying healthy during the current pandemic but that they key is avoiding underlying health issues which put some at increased risk from the virus. 

“It’s the underlying issues that make the difference to how someone is affected by Covid,” he says, “So there is a significant advantage to staying healthy and avoiding those underlying health issues where possible.” 

He goes on to explain that, while a health check-up with a doctor or nurse is not practical currently, there are simple self-tests which can be done at home to monitor the four health numbers which are key to physical wellbeing: blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index.

The video also gives useful tips on exercise, nutrition, hydration and weight, as well as immune system boosters, vitamins in food, sleep, stress and Vitamin D.

“Being physically healthy or the best version of yourself that you can be has never been so important,” says Carl.

Watch the video.